Italian agency chops off its creatives’ heads

An Italian ad agency called Milc had a strange idea for self-promotion: chopping off the heads of its creatives. This would seem to hamper their ability to provide good ideas, but it turns out it's a metaphor for the ad business in this economic downturn. The severed heads are meant to represent wonderful creative ideas that have gone unused because of client spending cutbacks. See three full ads here. "I hEad a great idea" is the hEadline, with additional copy that explains: "To cut your communications budget means to cut your own future." There's also a Web site. We're also told that "no creatives were harmed." A smart-ass might say, "That's a pity," but I'd never stoop so low. I don't know if I'd risk working with an agency that's so quick to decapitate, though I suspect the chief media outlet for these "executions" will be award-show annuals, where success will just go to their heads. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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