It’s never good when a Craigslist ad is news

Remember when a funny prank to play on someone was sending pizza to their address? Yeah, now it's telling the world there's an orgy going on there, when there isn't. Embroiled in some kind of feud with his neighbor, unemployed cook/white-trash idiot Philip James Conran has been arrested in Connecticut for allegedly posting a Craigslist ad directing strangers to his neighbor's house for group sex. According to police, more than half a dozen people parked nearby or came to the door, and others "slowly drove by or circled the neighborhood." One guy even went to the wrong house and molested a teenage girl. God, couldn't Conran have just put a flaming bag of dog shit on the neighbor's porch like a normal person? Seriously, this is not how adults behave. That woman could have been raped or killed. Yet another reason to abandon Craigslist to the spambots that make 90 percent of the posts and move on with our lives.

—Posted by David Kiefaber