It’s Weird How Many Classic Ad Slogans Work Perfectly With a Cartoon of an Unborn Baby

Anyone else noticed this?

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Famous advertising slogans are inseparable from the products and services they sell.

Or are they?

Inspired by our recent post about social media icons in Edward Hopper paintings, ad agency media strategist Ritesh Gupta sent us an intriguing set of images—a series of famous ad taglines, each placed next to a line drawing of a human fetus.

And far from being meaningless, many of the juxtapositions seem oddly perfect.

"I began to juxtapose some of the world's most memorable advertising slogans and taglines with an iconic, beautiful and powerful image: a fetus. I knew it was a silly idea for a personal project, but I realized this would be a beautiful, harrowing way to illustrate the idea that context is everything," Gupta writes on his website, where you can see more examples.

He adds: "The resulting juxtapositions range from fun sexual innuendo to PSA-level social commentary that really hits home for many (myself included)—enjoy!"

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@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.
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