JetBlue Told New Yorkers to Steal Its Bus-Shelter Ads, and Rewarded Them for It

Stunt is happening again next week

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Steal this ad. No really, it's fine. No one will yell, "Stop, thief!" And even if they do, you're in the clear.

More than 100 New Yorkers recently took jetBlue up on its offer of free flights and other swag by ripping off 181 bus shelter ads across the five boroughs. They were right there in plain sight—all you had to do was deface public property to get them (though no glass-shattering was required).

It's tough to be discreet with a poster-sized coupon tucked under your arm, but the locals didn't seem to care. And for their boldness, they received round-trip flight vouchers, tickets to New York Jets and Brooklyn Nets games, and free scoops from Blue Marble Ice Cream.

The brand plans to repeat the two-day stunt, designed by agency Mullen Lowe, next week under the hashtag #NYCTakeoff. Some nattily dressed flight attendants might even pop up to congratulate winners before sending them off with a chipper "Buh-bye now!"


Client: JetBlue Airways

Title: #NYCTakeoff

Agency: Mullen Lowe


Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker

Executive Creative Director: Tim Vaccarino

Executive Creative Director: Dave Weist

VP, Creative Director: Enrique Camacho

VP, Associate Creative Director: Pete Shamon

Associate Creative Director/Technologist: Joe Palasek

Senior Art Director: Pier Madonia

Art Director: Lisa Della Piana

Sarah Schmid: Copywriter

Designer: Han Na Jung

Designer: Alyssa Cavanaugh

Designer: Tony Frusciante


Production Supervisor: Kristine Ring-Janicki

Content Producer: Eric Skvirsky

Editor and Videographer: Nick Brecken

Assistant Editor and Videographer: Jake Stafford

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SVP, Group Account Director: Drayton Martin

VP, Account Director: Meredith Frisco

Senior Account Executive: Vishal Chandawarkar

Copy Editing

Copy Editing Manager: Ashley Rumery


Strategic Planning Director: Ellie Gogan-Tilstone

Senior Brand Strategist: Sloane Beaver


SVP, Group Digital Director: Jade Watts

Media Supervisor: Kelly McGowan

Media Planner: Lauren Meyers


SVP, Account Director PR: Jaclyn Ruelle

Account Director PR: Megan Oxland

Assistant Account Executive PR: Kelsey Labrot

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