John McAfee Goes Full Charlie Sheen in Bizarre Ad Full of Guns, Drugs and Women

Insane self-promotion

Witness this bizarrely amusing ad for John McAfee's personal blog. If that name sounds familiar, it's because John McAfee is the man who started McAfee anti-virus software. He's also the eccentric millionaire who was accused of murdering his neighbor, which led the media to look into his paranoia, gun obsession, rumored drug habits, multiple nubile girlfriends and the story of how his great white messiah complex played out in the backwoods of Belize. With that in mind, just watch this little viral, in which McAfee tells you how to uninstall the software that made his name, while making fun of all his purported vices—including snorting coke out of a crazy straw before giving up and face planting in the coke pile.

To say that I understand what John McAfee is doing here is to imply that one could ever understand what John McAfee is doing in general, but I'm going to take a shot. Upon realizing the enormous commercial success of the story of his own life, John McAfee (who, regardless of any other poor choices he might have made, has always been a marketing genius) decided to pull a full-on Charlie Sheen—winning by combining his bat-shit crazy bad-boy persona with our culture's love of train wrecks to make money off his larger-than-life image … despite his repeated claims elsewhere that he's been drug-free for decades. On that note, his autobiography (in graphic novel format) and his biography (written by a former coke baron) are reportedly coming out in the near future. Somebody get this man a TV show before he ODs on Viagra.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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