John Stamos Reveals Secrets of Cuddling With Bob Saget

Promotes Stamos's charity Project Cuddle

Nonprofits are getting more and more creative and entertaining with their appeals as the recession leaves many 501(c)(3)s without adequate funding. On the heels of Ben Stiller's See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation and MTV's colorful Give A Shit campaign with Nikki Reed, John Stamos has reunited with Full House co-star Bob Saget for this hilarious College Humor video called "John Stamos's Guide to Cuddling." In it, Stamos reveals his Lothario secrets while using Saget as his cuddle model. The video also plugs John's charity, Project Cuddle, which saves abandoned babies. Rather than emoting in black and white at the camera while pictures of sad kids flash by, celebrity spokesmen are so much better when they're asking for money in an entertaining way, or, like Steven Colbert, are willing to sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" if you give enough money to their charity. I welcome this new era in cause marketing. It's so much easier to give when you get awesome Internet forwards in return.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.