Junket does a number on MediaVest staffer

Media buyers are used to being wined and dined. Rarely do they wind up with more than a raging hangover. One unnamed MediaVest staffer, however, apparently got more than he bargained for. He spent the weekend in Jamaica as part of Thrillist's JetMystery junket. All was going well until the Sunday-night party, when around 9 p.m. a huge strobe light crashed onto the dance floor and took out a half dozen people. (Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger escaped with minor cuts, according to the New York Post. A nation breathes a sigh of relief.) The ad guy got the worst of it, suffering a broken collarbone that required him to stay over an extra night. Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer called the incident "terrifying," but noted that uninjured partygoers were able to get over their trauma and still have an awesome time. Another silver lining: Lerer was able to work in a plug for sponsor Trojan into the Page Six writeup of the incident.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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