K-Pop Group Twerks to the (Really) Oldies in First Classical Music Video Ever

Dvořák you can dance to

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Belgium's B-Classic music festival, whose mission is to "give classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music," brings us a rather interesting sensory collision in the form of the music video below, promoting its "Classic Comeback" competition.

Korean pop-dance group Waveya interprets the godfather of Slavonik dance music (and Brahm's brosef) Antonín Leopold Dvořák in the three-minute synchronized bump-'n'-grind-gyration-twerk-fest set to "Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco."

The video, shot by Raf Reyntjens in South Korea, is cleverly edited and choreographed, albeit shameless in its attempts at drawing in a younger demographic. See, the organizers of the festival believe "the kids" simply need more access to classical music.

Music videos, they believe, are the best way to do this.

In a short documentary also posted below, Frank Peters, a Dutch classical pianist and spokesperson for B-Classic, says he's "not convinced that youth are uninterested in classical music. I think that it's simply more difficult for them to discover."

Chereen Gayadin, a senior music programmer at MTV, adds, "I think that this is the first video in which one listens to classical music without being aware that it is classical music."

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Client: B-Classic

Agency: DDB, Brussels

Creative Director: Peter Ampe

Creatives: Tim Arts, Stefan Van Den Boogaard

Designer: Christophe Liekens

Account Team: Francis Lippens, Kaat De Brandt

Strategic Team: Dominique Poncin, Maarten Van Daele, Michael D’hooge

Digital Strategy: Geert Desager

Digital Project Manager: Stefanie Warreyn

TV Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt

Production Agency: Caviar

Producer: Geert De Wachter

Director: Raf Reyntjens

Music, Sound: Sonicville

Aired: April 2014

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