K-Y Intense Campaign Features Its First Lesbian Couple

Hey, the stuff works on gay people, too!

This K-Y Intense ad from Mother in New York is getting pats on the back for featuring the campaign's first lesbian couple. And for not trivializing lesbian relationships or portraying lesbians as "mean, hairy ball-breakers." And for just being a well-made ad. But while it gets the point across well, and doesn't make fun of its subjects, it still kind of puts gay relationships out there as a novelty. Once we start seeing gay couples in the media with no subtle wink-nudge about what they do in bed, we'll have accomplished something. K-Y's approach is a decent enough start, though. And if the actual product doesn't burn like hot lard after a few seconds, they'll be that much further ahead of their competitors.

adfreakdk@gmail.com David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.