Keegan-Michael Key Forecasts the Horrors of a Trump Presidency in Joss Whedon Spot

Director's latest effort for his pro-Clinton super PAC

Joss Whedon has directed a few more ads in for his pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC called Save the Day since this star-studded effort back in September.

In one, released on Oct. 6, a British man still upset over the whole #Brexit thing asks the U.S. to do England a favor and vote for Trump so America will once again be the bigger moron. And in a new spot unveiled this week, Keegan-Michael Key delivers a Welcome to Night Vale style weather report full of civil unrest and nuclear bombs.

Having previously gone lowbrow by promising that you'll get to see Mark Ruffalo's peepee if you vote, the Brexit spot attempts to appeal to America's highbrow concerns, pleading rather tongue-in-cheek for us to vote for Trump to make England look better by comparison.

Anyone with a reasonable education, or who just enjoys reading news sites from other nations, has seen how we're embarrassing ourselves on the international scene during this election cycle—perhaps even more impressively than England did by voting to leave the European Union.

Will this sort of thing appeal to the undecided, unregistered or plain lazy? Well, it would depend on their level of education. For some reason dating back a couple of hundred years, the highly educated in America have cared very deeply about the opinion of the Europeans, particularly the British. We put their TV shows on our public broadcasting as if it will do us some good. Survey after survey says we consider European accents to sound smarter than our homegrown English dialect. Even our fantasy TV shows take place in magical realms where everybody speaks British English.

But if suggesting the Brits are laughing at us doesn't work, Whedon's other spot, "Weather," makes it clear that the Canadians are laughing too. Keegan-Michael Key does a spot-on weatherman impersonation while explaining on the big map how Trump's wall will fail, Wall Street will get sucked into a giant spinning vortex of doom, and the twin heat wave of rising global temperatures and hatred will be cooled off by a nuclear winter in the first 100 days of a Trump presidency. His predictions cause his morning show cohost, who voted for Jill Stein, to cry bitter tears of remorse into her coffee.

Above and beyond the "Weather" spot, all of Save The Day's dire predictions make Whedon's Romney zombie apocalypse worries of the last presidential election seem charmingly tame. I can imagine him hunched over his keyboard, rage-typing script after script using his writing superpowers in an effort to take down the opposing side in the most hilarious and viral way possible.

One thing's for sure. If I were Trump, I'd rather have Whedon at my back than on the attack.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.