Keep an Eye Out for the Painful Twist in UnitedHealthcare’s Sweet Ad About Young Love

Lab partners and soul mates

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Leo Burnett and UnitedHealthcare had a big hit last spring with a commercial called "Our Song," in which a couple at home started passionately dancing—with disastrous results—when "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" came on the radio.

Now, here's a follow-up spot that's also pretty light on its feet. It's a story about young love between two high schoolers, and it also features a cool soundtrack—a cover of the Sam Cooke song "Wonderful World."

Like the earlier spot, this one has a twist that ushers in the client's message about navigating unexpected medical emergencies, though this time the victim goes willingly.

The new work, part of UnitedHealthcare's "Ways In" campaign, comes out just in time for the U.S.'s open enrollment period.


Client: UnitedHealthcare

Agencies: Leo Burnett Chicago and Lapiz (Hispanic)

Campaign: Ways In

Spot: Lab Partner

Executive Creative Director: Jeanie Caggiano

SVP Creative Director: Vince Cook

SVP Creative Director: Colin Selikow

Assoc. Creative Director: Alan Shen

Assoc. Creative Director: Chris Walker

Creative Director, Lapiz: Maria Bernal

Assoc. Creative Director, Lapiz: Jorge Pomareda

SVP Executive Producer: Mary Cheney

VP Executive Producer: Matt Blitz

EVP Account Director: Leslie Meredith

SVP Account Director: Rich Pieczynski

Account Director: Colleen Raleigh

Account Manager: Sarah Smith

VP Account Director, Lapiz: Ernesto Adduci

Account Supervisor, Lapiz: Daniela Barcelo

EVP Planning Director: Denise Fedewa

VP Strategy Director: Sue Broverman

Strategist: Andra Mocanu

Legal: Carla Michelotti, Barbara Dent, Michael Sirota

Clearance: Tracy Scimeca

Creative Resource Manager: Kevin Brown

Creative Resource Manager, Lapiz: Julie Ptasinski

Director of Celebrity Services: Peggy Walter

Music Supervisor: Chris Clark

Music Producer: Alec Stern

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Craig Gillespie


Music Production Company: The Elements

Editorial: Whitehouse Post

Editor:  Carlos Lowenstein

Director of Photography: Masanobu Takayanagi

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.