Killer From Lionsgate Horror Movie Invades Posters for Studio’s Other Films

Axe wielder from You're Next gets around

Dude's got an axe! He's gonna chop up movie posters! Aaaaahh! Lionsgate has overlayed images of scary, animal-masked killers on posters for some of its non-horror releases—such as Tyler Perry's Temptation and Peeples, and the Robert De Niro vehicle The Big Wedding—to promote its upcoming slasher flick You're Next. If you look at the posters, you can see a ghostly maniac poised to strike. It's a pretty freaky effect. Some folks might run screaming from theaters as fast as they can. If they've just watched Temptation and The Big Wedding, they definitely will.You know what's really scary? Lionsgate is releasing two Tyler Perry films this year. Aaaaahh! Via Vulture. Images via Collider and Bloody Disgusting.

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