KISS-branded M&M’s eager for your tongue

I was just thinking: Boy, I could sure go for some KISS-branded M&M’s with the guy’s faces on the candies right about now! It’s like Mars read my mind, because now everybody’s favorite aging, face-painted, over-marketed rock gods are available in M&M form—exclusively at Walmart, of course, the retail chain where rock goes to die. Speaking of death, the late Eric “The Fox” Carr doesn’t seem to be included, so he escapes with his power-drumming dignity intact. Here’s lead singer Paul Stanley’s quote from the press release: “We couldn’t resist the chance to be the first band to grace the iconic M&M’s candies and continue to spread the KISS empire!” Clearly a manufactured PR quote, as we all know the word “iconic” isn’t part of Paul’s vocabulary. And I suspect this won’t be the first time that some ardent KISS fans have popped the band members into their mouths.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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