Lady Gaga Creates Life-Size Doll That Sings When You Press Your Face to Its Chest

Japanese promotion ... or secret clone army?

Mother Monster has created her own monster clones. That's right, Lady Gaga has created a line of life-size real dolls of herself, hand crafted in Japan, experts in all creepy, real-life doll things.

Though the replicas are not yet available for sale, they might someday be. They're currently designed for a Japanese promotion of her new album that points fans to Gaga's Japanese Facebook presence. But English speakers can watch the video where they mold and make her naked body, paint the nipples and dissect her to add a special set of musical organs that play Gaga's hit songs when you hug the doll and place your head on her chest.

The end of the video shows an eager, adoring fan doing just that, pressing his face into GagaDoll’s bosom with a look of orgasmic release. The doll is so lifelike, it's hard to tell which one is Gaga in a picture she sent out from her Twitter account (it's the middle one). It makes a lot of sense given the strong pop art connections with her new album Art Pop. I mean, you know Andy Warhol would have been all over this kind of thing.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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