Lady Gaga, Pharrell and Ellen Bring the Love in Revlon’s New PSA

Brett Ratner directed spot for 'The Love Project'

If your definition of love is Lady Gaga in blonde bangs, you might enjoy this 30-second PSA that debuted on the Oscars telecast.

Directed by Hollywood A-lister Brett Ratner, the black-and-white spot promotes “The Love Project,” a new social initiative from Revlon which, according to the cosmetics giant, “is based on the view that love is the foundation for a happier, more beautiful world.”

Well, Revlon should know a thing or two about foundation, right?

In the ad, as Gaga’s current hit “Million Reasons” plays in the background, the singer opens by explaining that “love is embracing everything you are.” She busts some moves, and later adds, “Love is being at my grandma’s house.”

Pharrell Williams and Ellen DeGeneres are also on hand to help define love. At one point, Pharrell notes, “Love is understanding that I don’t know” (which is pretty profound and self-aware), while Ellen gets the best line, saying that she also loves Gaga’s grandma’s house.

They’re like the Peanuts gang for a new generation!

Viewers are invited to visit and create shareable content that symbolizes what love means to them, using the hashtag #LoveIn3Words. They’re also asked to support these nonprofits including the Born This Way Foundation, From One Hand to AnOTHER, The Trevor Project and the Women’s Heart Alliance.

Yes, it’s all for a good cause, and the celebs have undeniable presence and charm, even if, tasked with selling the masses on a concept as broad as “love,” some level of vapidness was inevitable. Also, showcasing the performers in separate, intercut segments—rather than having them share a few frames—kind of detracts from the love fest.

If Pharrell had just said “Love makes people … happy,” the cutesy-cool factor would’ve been off the charts!

Client: Revlon
Agency: In-house at Revlon and VaynerMedia
Production Co.: Radical Media
Director: Brett Ratner

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