Latest WWF spot not terribly offensive at all

This animated clip by Bostock and Pollitt for World Wildlife Fund U.K. illustrates the domino theory of taking personal action to help improve Earth's climate. The cityscape at the start thankfully has no Twin Towers, unlike that über-controversial WWF campaign from DDB Brazil. In fact, the clip's not really very offensive in the least. And I love the funky retro feel from the flute music! Still, I'm not sure if the results of such consumer activism, as depicted here, are all that compelling. I felt sorry for the overturned construction guy in the rainforest (he'll probably never walk again), and stifling that nuclear reactor would plunge millions into darkness. The panda mascot at the end even looks malevolent, like he's pissed about global warming and wouldn't mind tearing someone's head off in Copenhagen in December. Also, about halfway through the second viewing, I really started to hate that damn flute!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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