Leica Intentionally Makes the Most Boring Commercial Ever. Can You Sit Through It?

Full disclosure: We could not

Leica brings its obsessive German craftsmanship into focus with this tongue-in-cheek video that shows one of its technicians hand-polishing a block of aluminum used as the base of its new T System camera—for 45 minutes.

Polish. Polish. Polish. Look at those gloved hands go. A voiceover tells us that it takes "4,700 individual strokes to finish each body." Sounds kinky. It isn't.

Obviously, the video—which is actually somewhat compelling visually in its repetitive way, and certainly provides a stultifyingly tedious glimpse into the brand's commitment to quality—isn't really meant to be watched in its entirety. After a couple of minutes, we're mercifully invited to skip ahead to the end, which, of course, I did.

So, for all I know, the Subservient Chicken shows up at the half-hour mark and plucks himself to death. Really, I have no idea.

A voiceover asks, "Is this the most boring film ever made?"

Well, it's more exciting than Leica's short-form T System testimonials starring the company's supervisory board chairman, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann. He juggles the camera, speaks to his shoes, and at one point shuffles some papers as he reads a quote by Steve Jobs. Nothing engaging develops.

Via Co.Create.

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