Lipton drinkers write better TV theme songs

Many's the night I've spent staring at the ceiling and wondering: What drove Lalo Schifrin to compose the Mission: Impossible theme? I would never have guessed … Lipton tea. Yet here we are, asked to swallow this scenario in an impeccably crafted but utterly inane Noam Murro-directed spot from DDB Paris. Orchestra musicians fall into—and are yanked out of—their seats as the maestro "dramatically" writes, erases and rewrites the score. "Tea sharpens the mind" is the tagline. Sure, it's a great TV theme song, among the best ever. But … why use it at all? It's so random, it feels disconnected from the subject matter. You might as well ask: What was the guy who wrote the I Dream of Jeannie song sipping as he toiled away? Classic rock seems more appropriate. What were Jimmy Page and Robert Plant sampling when they wrote "Stairway to Heaven"? Well, yeah, we probably already know that. Let's have some!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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