Massive Yellow Rubber Duck Drifts Down River Thames in Ad Stunt

Britain's shame is complete

Not so long ago, England had an empire on which the sun never set. These days, it's got a 50-foot-tall rubber duck sailing down the Thames. Nice going, Brits! Games site Jackpotjoy orchestrated the stunt to tout its Facebook FUNdation, which awards money to folks who come up with goofy ideas to make others laugh. The big-ass duck weighed half a ton, and the sight of it floating down the river, past modern office buildings and through the raised Tower Bridge, was suitably surreal—like something from a vintage episode of Dr. Who ("I don't like the looks of that massive duck, Doctor!") or a '60s psychedelic comedy set in swingin' London. Speaking of which, actress Barbara Windsor—she starred in Beatles-era Carry On films, if anyone remembers those—appears in a promo clip (dressed like a crazed fairy godmother, I think), and invites people to pitch the "wacky things you'd like to do for a real belly laugh. I'll pick the best and turn them into reality." Personally, I'd like to ambush that duck on its next voyage and shoot it up with my JT SplatMaster. Heck, I'd do that for free. That awwroight, duckie?

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