Mental-health PSAs aren’t exactly feel-good

These Ad Council spots from Grey, addressing mental-health problems, are well intentioned, and no can argue that the loving support of friends goes a long way toward helping folks get well. Still, the behaviors on display here are odd all around. In the spot below, a slacker type shaves his buddy's back, and the two discuss waxing. Sure, it's probably a fun Saturday night, but it's not what most people mean by having their friend's back. A second clip, posted after the jump, shows a guy picking up his pal and twirling him around above his head, very fast, in amazingly acrobatic fashion. That'd make anyone feel a little off! To its credit, at least the campaign doesn't suggest that the guys start acting like girls. That only works for cancer, not anxiety or depression. Though shaving each other’s legs probably would bring those two even closer together.

—Posted by David Gianatasio