MFS’s new commercials great for Halloween

Take the platitude-spitting talking heads of the new Edward Jones campaign, and throw in the "I am" certitude of Microsoft's PC ads. Then add the creepy "glowing eyes" effect of horror films like Village of the Damned. What do you get? Oddly enough, it's Allen & Gerritsen's latest TV spots for investment house MFS. They almost make the frigid Edward Jones commercials look warm and fuzzy by comparison. Here, their eyes eerily alight with blocks from the MFS logo, folks deliver lines like, "I am an MFS fund" and "I am an MFS investment." What they are is possessed, and one guy's admission that "I'm all about the alpha" underscores the "alien" feel. At the end, they seem to "beam" the retinal images toward viewers in an effort to bend our minds to their investment-driven will. Good lord, they're inside my brain! I understand now, and I obey!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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