Microsoft’s Kin ponders nature of friendship

Microsoft has created a series of webisodes for its Kin social-networking cell phone. They're meant to test friendships. And by "friendship," I mean the new definition of it that social networking has created. The slogan, "For your Friends, 'friends' and FRIENDS," makes more sense in three different fonts, but you get the idea. So, they picked a girl named Rosa, who has more than 800 friends across her networks, and sent her to meet them all in person and find out if they actually are her friends. The intro is posted below; the first six webisodes are posted after the jump. So far, we've watched Rosa make her way through the guy who uses chat to pick up women, her mom, the friend she never met, the job contact she failed to make, and the poker—you know, the guy who pokes. It's not just an ad campaign; it's a documentary on social media in (soon-to-be) 15 parts. At times touching and inspiring, it actually makes me want to try the same experiment. After all, no one ever said relationships that are made online have to stay there.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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