Mohawk carpets can handle epic food spills

This new ad by Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee, for Mohawk carpets, uses nifty special effects to show a chaotic moment frozen in time inside a family's home, with all sorts of suddenly airborne food about to rain down on the living room rug and ruin it. Clumsy old Dad has slipped on a skateboard in the kitchen, and has lost control of his plates of hot dogs and chips, setting off a chain reaction across the room, where drinks and snacks are flying everywhere. At the far end of the room, a separate incident involving birds is adding to the pandemonium and causing even more food to spill. All of which threatens to stain the carpet. But Mom isn't worried, because this is a Mohawk carpet with SmartStrand, featuring a DuPont Sorona stain-resistant polymer. The frozen-moment thing works pretty well in the domestic setting, having previously been put to more epic use in Philips' grand, Grand Prix-winning "Carousel" spot.

—Posted by Tim Nudd