Morgan Fairchild and Erik Estrada Take Self-Mockery to a New Level in Mattress Ads

Spots will make you laugh, or maybe cry

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Faded actors frequently do self-deprecating commercials for a buck. But these new spots for Mattress Firm, from agency Ideaology, really push the lighthearted self-mocking into fairly cringe-worthy territory.

For starters, the whole concept of the campaign is for Fairchild and Estrada to liken themselves to old, worn-out mattresses that need replacing. That's pretty brutal, even when played for laughs. But then Fairchild goes the extra mile of using the phrase "saggy and baggy," while Estrada freely admits to being "past my prime."

Check out the spots here:

It's a tricky thing to get this kind of humor right. Whether these spots succeed might depend on the individual viewer. (We mostly felt sad watching them.) But a rep for the company tells AdFreak that the spots are meant to be "lighthearted, playful and respectful," and that both actors were game for the approach.

"It's a testament to Erik and Morgan's sense of humor—and their not taking themselves too seriously—that they were willing to be part of the joke and poke a little fun at themselves," the rep says.

The rep also provided quotes from both actors.

"A good night's sleep should be part of every woman's beauty routine, and making sleep a priority has helped me to age gracefully," says Fairchild. "The Mattress Firm campaign put a fun spin on the importance of sleep. And like sleep, laughter—which there was plenty of on set—keeps you young, too."

"What do 58 movies and 73 television shows have in common?" Estrada asks. "They make you appreciate a great night's sleep. Aging is inevitable, but keeping a good sense of humor allowed me to have fun with this Mattress Firm campaign."

The ads will run in more than 70 markets nationwide, including Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Miami. 

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