Mr. T Returns for Old Navy, Is Very Proud of Store’s Upgraded Tees

His airplane etiquette could be better

Mr. T guest-stars as a living pun in this Crispin Porter + Boguksy ad for Old Navy Best Tees, which are more stylish and durable than their previous ones. That's not a huge accomplishment, but whatever, it's their ad. (T also appeared in a two-minute Old Navy infomercial last year with Anna Faris.) I enjoyed the quiet irony of putting Mr. T on a plane, when B.A. Baracus was scared to death of them, but it's a little hard for the audience to accept that he can just kick the bathroom door down in a post-9/11 world. No T-shirt in the world can get you out of that kind of trouble.


Client: Old Navy

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Partner/Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Rob Reilly

Executive Creative Director: Jason Gaboriau

Creative Director: Robin Fitzgerald

Creative Director: Cameron Harris

Associate Creative Directors: Alexandra Sann, Mike Kohlbecker

Sr. Copywriter: Dafna Garber

Copywriter: Chelsea O'Brien

Art Director: Mary Dauterman

Director of Video Production: Chad Hopenwasser

Executive Integrated Producer (Music): Bill Meadows

Executive Integrated Producer: Deb Drumm

Junior Integrated Producer: Jackie Maloney

Executive Business Affairs Manager: Amy Jacobsen

Business Affairs Manager: Michelle McKinney

Production Company & City: Smuggler, Hollywood, CA

Director: Randy Krallman

Assistant Directors: Jey Wada, Erin Stern

Executive Producers/Partners: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody

Executive Producer/COO: Lisa Rich

Executive Producers: Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel

Head of Production: Andrew Colón

Producer: Paula Cohen

Director of Photography: Bryan Newman

Editorial Company & City: Cut + Run, Santa Monica, CA

Head of Production/Senior Producer: Christie Price

Executive Producer: Carr Schilling

Editor: Frank Effron

Assistant Editors: Heather Bartholomae, Brooke Rupe

Visual Effects Company & City: Method Studios, Santa Monica, CA

Executive Producer: Robert Owens

Producer: Colin Clarry

Set Supervisor: Rob Hodgson

VFX Supervisors: Jason Schugardt, Michael Sean Foley

Lead Composer: Kelly Bumbarger

Graphics & Animation Company & City: Buck, Los Angeles, CA

Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey

Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson

Sr. Producer: Nick Terzich

Associate Producer: Ashley Hsieh

Art Director: Jenny Ko

Designer: Sean Dekkers

Animator: TJ Socho

Music Company & City: Search Party, Portland, OR

Executive Producer: Sara Matarazzo

Producer: Chris Funk

Composer: Terence Bernardo

Sound Design & City: Machine Head, Santa Monica, CA

Sound Designer: Stephen Dewey

Producer: Patty Chow Dewey

Telecine & City: Company 3, Santa Monica, CA

President/Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov

Partner/Managing Director: Steve Erich

EGroup Account Director: Danielle Whalen

Account Director: Kate Higgins

Content Management Supervisor: Laura Likos

Content Supervisors: Jessica Francis, Kendra Schaaf

Content Manager: Alex Kirk, Michelle Forbush

Group Director, Planning: Lindsey Allison

Cognitive Anthropologists: Jennifer Hruska, Tiffany Ahern

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