New Britney Spears Video, ‘Perfume,’ Sure Seems Like One Big Ad for Her Perfume

Reeks of product promotion

"Perfume," the newest single off Britney Spears' latest album, Britney Jean, is ostensibly about a weird love triangle. But what it really seems to be about is selling the singer's fragrance line.

Fantasy—Britney's best-selling perfume—is heavily featured here (it also has a cameo appearance in her song "Work, Bitch"), with Britney playing the "other woman" and singing, "While I wait I put on my perfume / yeah I want it all over you / I gotta mark my territory."

Scenes of Britney spraying herself with Fantasy run throughout the video, inspiring teenagers everywhere to overload the olfactory senses of everyone who passes them in the mall. So was the song written specifically to market her line? I'd guess so, especially since—and I say this as a 1997 BritBrit fan—the lyrics are just awful. Via Mashable.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.
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