New York subway riders, Dr. Zizmor speaks!

Anyone who rides the New York City subway is acutely aware of Dr. Jonathan Zizmor. Dr. Z is a dermatologist and ardent believer in catchy subway advertising. The typical ad features Isabel R.'s grotesque complexion made slightly less grotesque via chemical peel, along with Dr. Z giving a serene gaze. He's possibly the most famous man on the New York subway. But it appears Dr. Z makes TV commercials, too. The spot above, sure to be a top contender at Cannes, features a catchy tune, psychedelic rainbows, Isabel R.'s before-and-after shot, and the man himself speaking to the camera. As someone who has looked at a silent Dr. Z for 10 years, it's somewhat unsettling to finally hear his voice. (And not to be rude, but what's up with his skin?!) Further research reveals that this is actually a return to TV spots for Dr. Z, who made some classic ads, like the one below, back in the '70s. Via Business Insider.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey