Newcastle targets unloved-offspring market

Newcastle Brown Ale has a new slogan: "The lighter side of dark." And they're backing it up with two spots that are probably supposed to show the lighter side of dark humor, but really make Newcastle seem like the beer of unloved children. In the spot below, two parents explain, using a graph, how even their decorative china is more important to them than their kid. But then they give him some Newcastle as a consolation prize. In another spot, posted after the jump, a white guy discovers that he was, in fact, adopted by his Indian family (the other way around would be racist!). As his friends console him, one gives him a Newcastle. At first, I wondered what, if anything, these amusing little spots said about the beer, but then I realized it's actually a lifestyle campaign that speaks to the reason why many people drink: because of their family. I think Newcastle has struck a certain chord here with unloved and unwanted children everywhere who need to drown their sorrows.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers