Newspaper Columnist Disappointed by Lack of Outrage Over ‘Golden Bitch’ Billboard

Not a peep, from freeway drivers or adjacent auto shop customers

Headshot of Richard Horgan

Jeff Kramer, a humor columnist with alt-weekly the Syracuse New Times, has a new play opening Friday. And as a warm-up to the April 21 debut, there is a funny related column in this week’s edition.

The play title The Golden Bitch, albeit legitimately dog-derived, is something he thought might possibly stir up some outrage when emblazoned on a 40-foot-wide local billboard. In fact, the company that hosts the billboard, Lamar, stipulated that any such citizenry complaints could merit the removal of the ad. However, after a week and a half of the billboard being displayed next to a freeway, as Kramer details, no such human luck:

I envisioned standing-room-only for all six performances of The Golden Bitch, with the controversy driving interest so high that the online ticketing service––would crash. With all that buzz, the next step would be Broadway.

Well, thanks for nothing people, especially you, Donald Trump. During the campaign, the future President Thorazine did such a good job of lowering the bar of what passes for acceptable discourse in America that my edgy billboard might as well be invisible. By press time, the 40-foot-wide sign had been up for nine days, and I hadn’t heard a peep from Lamar.

This is the journalist’s third play, all directed by Len Fonte. (In this one, a dinner party commingling two couples goes south.) There is however a small consolation prize for Kramer. While the billboard has generated zero complaints, a poster in town was taken down by a business owner because a mother objected to the word “bitch.” In the column, Kramer thanks her. Sincerely.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.