Norton Protects Your Stuff, Like Videos of Your Freaked-Out Baby

Ads include animated 60-second anthem

These days, odds are good you spend many (if not most) of your waking hours glued to the screen of your computer or smartphone—answering emails, paying bills, cooing over videos of adorable infants, or sharing your awkward family photos with the world. All that personal data is the stuff of life, so you'd best take good care of it, says a campaign launching today for anti-virus and security software brand Norton. Created by Leo Burnett, the push includes a 60-second anthem spot, animated by Psyop, that hammers home the broad message, "Protecting the stuff that matters," by stuffing the word stuff, in lieu of less vague nouns, into the copy at every possible juncture. Two 30-second spots, meanwhile, illustrate the concept with simple visual sequences and deft headlines written as goofy file names. Yes, doting parents, Norton agrees. Your newborn child really is the most precious and entertaining newborn, ever. 

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.
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