Oh, If Only MOO Cards Were Really Printed Like This

Adorably retro machines show off customization

Digital printing house MOO is run like one of those Acme factories from an old Warner Bros. cartoon in a fun new video from agency KesselsKramer.

Highlighting the versatility of the company's new Printfinity technology, which allows you to order a wide range of customized business cards, the spot was also reminiscent of Santa's workshop—mostly because I'm 90 percent sure that guy beasting a huge roll of printer paper by himself was Santa Claus. 

Honestly, I wish MOO's setup was really like this. Digital printing is cool and all, but the process doesn't have as much visual pizazz as huge, Bond villain-style machinery. That the color scheme is all chic pastels just makes it cooler.

Via Laughing Squid.

Here's a more direct explanation of how the Printfinity service works:

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