Old Spice’s Pitchman Battle Heats Up as Terry Mocks Isaiah’s Signature Line

But Isaiah gets the last word in this round

Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Not many brands could pull off a campaign that escalates the weirdness in each new spot. But anything can happen in an Old Spice campaign, and transforming Terry Crews into an angry woodpecker is just one of the loony things in the brand's latest effort. 

Earlier this summer, Wieden + Kennedy launched its latest Old Spice work, pitting the brand's two pitchmen against each other. In a battle for consumer hearts—and dollars—the men are squaring off against each other to help consumers match their personalities to the right scent.

Crews' and Mustafa's differing personas make the competition fun, as they lay their version of charm on thick. And of course, getting to see Crews' take on Isaiah Mustafa's "Hello ladies" is a delightful quirk of this particular effort. 

@KristinaMonllos kristina.monllos@adweek.com Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.