On the Adweek Podcast: Creativity in Quarantine and Leadership Within Limits

How to thrive under lockdown on Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

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“We all have to admit we’re experiencing loss,” says clinical psychologist and organizational expert Nicole Lipkin. “But I think with loss comes a rebirth in how we show up after this. Each and every one of us has an opportunity to show up in this.”

On this week’s episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, co-host Ko Im speaks with Lipkin about showing up with less judgment. She also shares how executives are managing headspace, leading teams, prioritizing time and finding breaks to foster creativity.

And senior editor Doug Zanger dials in from Portland for an overview of the good stuff coming out of the creative world, including the real fake-out that was State Farm’s promo in The Last Dance, Yeti‘s relaxing streaming parody and Burger King gamifying traditional tv.

And congrats again to co-host David Griner for winning a Shorty Award for the AI-led Super Bowl bot!

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@koimtv ko.im@adweek.com Ko Im is the community editor at Adweek and co-host of Adweek's podcast Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.