Orkin’s giant insects bug people once again

Orkin's human-size talking insects make an awesome, disgusting return in a pair of spots from The Richards Group. In the ad below, a giant cockroach shows up to leer at an amorous couple in a hot tub. The mood is totally killed when the bug lets his towel drop to the floor and asks if he can go "dipping skinny," too. In a second spot, posted after the jump, ants try to deliver a couch but are foiled by the Orkin team. As in the earlier ads, the bad-seed bugs peel out in their vehicles upon being spurned. The insect voiceovers are great—at once sinister and comical. On his YouTube page, the creative director explains that these are animatronic bugs, and it takes seven guys to operate each one. It would probably take more than a rolled-up magazine to defeat these guys. Via Homadge.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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