Pantene ‘reality hair star’ crowned in live ad

Stacy London appeared on Marissa Hopson's Florida doorstep on Tuesday night, surprising her with the news that she'd been chosen as Pantene's "first reality hair star." (Don't we already have one in Donald Trump?) The ad below was broadcast live during NBC's season finale of The Biggest Loser: Couples in a three-network roadblock that also included Bravo and Oxygen. Hopson, a 24-year-old broadcast journalism student who knew only that she was a finalist, screams in front of her TV as she realizes London is approaching her door. If the squeals, amplified by London's own shrieks of excitement, didn't scare them away, viewers saw Hopson give the camera her best hair flip. (She'd had a makeover courtesy of the P&G brand earlier in the day.) The brunette's long, straight hair didn't really get airborne enough to compete with the classic commercial beauty shot, but she'll have time to perfect her moves, given her snazzy new title. Grey New York devised the campaign.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis

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