People Actually Spotted Reading in Barnes & Noble’s Nook Ad

People still love books. No, really, says Barnes & Noble. In the wake of last year’s declining sales of physical books, the retailer kicked off a media blitz this week spotlighting a new campaign for its Nook Color e-reader. The rollout coincides with significant upgrades to the platform, including adding an app store and email client to the Android-based interface, to position the touch-screen gadget as more tablet-like than rival Amazon's Kindle. The borderline-melodramatic Nook spot, by Mullen, stays focused on "real" individuals across a range of ages who are absorbed in the act of reading, including some holding (gasp!) paperbacks. That's a pretty stark contrast to the tenor of Amazon's recent Kindle advertising, which showed millennials gallivanting about with device in hand, laughing with each other as much as actually looking at it. Messaging aside, the timing suggests that B&N, which claims to hold about 25 percent of the e-book market, is counting on consumers who want to pause for a few rounds of Angry Birds in between chapters of War and Peace to help cut further into the Kindle's dominant share.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.