PETA Shakes a Leg at Florida Shark-Attack Victim

Toothy billboard has yet to find a home

If you're like me and you grind your teeth whenever PETA objectifies some random celebrity in the name of animal rights, be advised that they're even bigger assholes when they want to be. The group is trying to put up a billboard, featuring a shark biting into a human leg, on Anna Maria Island, where someone was recently attacked by a bull-shark. The guy's still in the hospital, for chrissakes. The last thing he needs is a big sign saying "Payback is hell, go vegan" greeting him once he's discharged. Of course, PETA thought the incident marked "a good time to bring up the fact that sharks are not actually the most dangerous predators on the planet—we are." Why don't they just go full tilt and start picketing funerals like Fred Phelps? They're not as crazy as he is (yet), but they're just as mean and oblivious. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.