Philips seeking body shavers, world savers

Philips is back with an update to its much-lauded "Shave Everywhere" work for its Bodygroom razor. TribalDDB got a lot of kudos for its 2006 introduction of the product, a very fun site that introduced the concept of shaving "down there" into the mainstream. Tribal followed up with a crop of "manalogues" in 2008. Philips is back with a new take, although it's not from Tribal. Promo shop Alcone Marketing Group is behind the "Deforest yourself. Reforest the world" campaign, which tries to enliven the idea by linking personal hedge-trimming with adding greenery back to the planet. Philips will plant one tree for each Bodygroom sold through the end of June, up to 75,000. The centerpiece is a Web app that lets you customize a furry avatar for use as a Twitter or Facebook profile picture or desktop wallpaper. It's somewhat like what Deep Focus did on "Mad Men Yourself." The question is when this genre, which hearkens back to "Elf Yourself" and "Simpsonize Me," begins to get tired.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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