Pizza Hut Has Several Tips for Halloween, Including Giving Each Kid a Full Pizza

BuzzFeed-style video has more practical ideas, too

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Charlie Brown gets a rock every darn time, but the kids in this video get full freakin' pizzas on their trick-or-treating route.

Pizza Hut takes a page out of the Buzzfeed playbook with a Halloween-themed video that mashes up new and viral footage, complete with a snarky narrator, to show us how to win the ghoulish holiday. The answer: Give away full-sized candy bars—no snack version wannabes—or, better yet, pizza. Never, ever dole out pencils or dress your kid like a raisin. And don't forget the thrills and chills. 

The branded video from Los Angeles-based Shareability is a follow-up to its hugely popular faux PSA from a few months back. That spot featured comically long selfie sticks (and the dangers posed by using them) under the tagline "Please selfie responsibly." It promoted the chain's 2-foot-long pizzas and snagged more than 4 million YouTube views.

This Saturday, if history holds, will be one of the biggest pizza delivery days of the year, and Pizza Hut wanted to be top of mind with a compilation of "pirate cat," toddlers in old people costumes, and scary pranks that never seem to get old. Check it out, along with the behind-the-scenes footage below, and try your hand at Hallowinning.

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