Poise Gets Awkwardly Erotic With Bladder Control Ad

This product 'knows how to take care of a woman'

Poise, the adult diaper brand, is poised to attack the lady bladder control market with a double entendre-laced spot about pee spotting.

Though the product is supposed to be super discreet, the spot certainly is not. Two moms sitting down for some kind of school event have a conversation about Sam. Sam knows how to treat a woman. He might be small, but he can last for hours and he's in her pants RIGHT NOW. Surprise! It turns out Sam is short for the Super Absorbent Material in Poise liners.

Ogilvy & Mather New York put together this strange appeal in response to what is, honestly, a hard product to sell. I mean, when laughing or sneezing makes you pee your pants, it's not really something you want to chat about over coffee with your girls.

But is the right appeal suggesting there's a man named Sam with a small dick who can help you out? I can see why they'd go for humor. Make the audience pee in their pants a little and they'll realize how badly they need the product. But this spot is more creepy and weird than funny. At least it's drawing attention to the product while completely avoiding the unsavory reality of the condition. I mean, if the only option is to get all TMI about something, I guess I'd rather have an uncomfortable sex chat than a heart to heart about pissing myself.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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