Preakness horses around with ad campaign

The Maryland Jockey Club is attempting to sex up the Preakness with its suggestive "Get your Preak on" advertising campaign, and isn't afraid to conjure up some unpleasant mental images along the way. One radio spot features a young nursing-home volunteer talking about his "Preak" experience with an elderly woman. "I was a little concerned with how her hip would hold up, knowing we'd be at it all day long," he says. Local politician Pat McDonough isn't too happy about all this frivolity, and asks whether this is "the image of the Preakness and Maryland we want to have." But ticket sales are up 5 percent, so the client is happy with the work, by ad agency Elevation. The only drawback is that an even more annoying campaign is probably on tap for next year.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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