Protect yourself in a Smutley-like sex binge

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Talk about the elephant in the room! We're talking about condom use— and, literally, a cartoon elephant that gets, er, waylaid by a horny cat. Confused? You won't be when you watch the video below from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for AIDES, the French non-profit that preaches safe sex. In vintage-style, black-and-white, Felix-the-cat-reminiscent animation, a character named Smutley can't keep it in his pants. The randy alley cat hits that, repeatedly, without concern for cross-species breeding. See, no condoms! A turtle, bunny, fish, pig and various sea mammals are defiled in his trot across town, set to the strains of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation." And in a nod to all-the-rage blow-job references in ads these days, there's not one but two oral-sex scenes. So, yeah, NSFW. But kind of hilarious. The video is part of a larger Goodby campaign for AIDES with the tagline "Protect yourself" that includes comic strips, Web sites, print and outdoor. I see a rising star here in Smutley, who, the video reminds us, has nine lives to our one, so he can afford to throw caution to the wind. This guy has Hollywood written all over him. Video below is NSFW.

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