PSA reminder: you’re an ass when you drink

Lowe Bull wisely avoids the clichés of the genre in these alcohol-awareness ads for South Africa's Association for Responsible Alcohol Use. I expected a bloody fistfight in the "Rugby" spot (above), tears of humiliation in "21st Birthday" (below) and lots of mangled bodies in "Road Block." We get none of these, although the threat of each provides an undercurrent of unease that propels the message. In some ways, that makes the spots tougher to watch than the more graphic stuff. The work might make some parents think twice about whether one more drink is one too many. But the campaign could resonate most strongly with teens. They're immensely self-conscious, and for them, public humiliation can seem like a fate worse than death. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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