Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of AI as a Creative Tool

How much to do you know about how creators use machine learning?

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Headshot of Jess Zafarris

Many marketing and advertising professionals worry that artificial intelligence could pose a threat to those who work in creative disciplines. But those who have explored using AI in their work have unlocked a universe of new potential for accelerating and enhancing human creativity.

Not only can AI reduce the time required to produce and manage creative assets, it can also make video production, graphic design, copywriting and content development much faster, giving teams more time for idea generation and imagination.

Gauge your understanding of the possibilities in this quiz, which was developed based on Technology in the Creative Process: How AI Can Future-Proof Your Strategy, one of the complimentary online courses we offer to Adweek members through the Institute for Brand Marketing. The full course, developed by award-winning technologist, maker and agency thought leader Layne Harris, explores how to evaluate tools and service providers that offer automation, machine learning and other AI-based technologies to assist in the creative process.

If you’re still skeptical, take the quiz to below to determine just how much you know about the capabilities of AI as part of the creative process, and take the full online course for a deeper dive into the potential of this burgeoning field.

@JessZafarris jessica.zafarris@adweek.com Jess Zafarris is an audience engagement editor at Adweek.