Quiznos ads becoming just one big gay joke

Quiznos kills two birds with one stone—gay people and poor people—in this new ad from Siltanen & Partners, showing a pair of Southern gents sharing a "hillbilly hot tub" (which is apparently just a regular tub propped up and heated by a wood fire). The Quiznos oven, which has some experience in homoerotic relations (the "Put it in me, Scott" commercial), narrates: "Hooo, that hillbilly hot tub looks dangerous. And hot. But not as hot as Quiznos's new double-cheese cheesesteak!" Quiznos's young male target apparently loves this kind of stuff, however bizarre the product comparison. Almost anyone else will find the spot unappetizing—including The Denver Egotist, which somewhat humorously is bothered mostly by the fact that the Colorado-based account continues to be handled outside Colorado.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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