Quiznos Cooks Up a Winner With ‘House of Thrones,’ but Will Funny Videos Be Enough?

Building buzz, facing bankruptcy

The buzz is heating up for Quiznos, who has scored a hit with its House of Cards/Game of Thrones mashup called House of Thrones.

Machiavellian Congressman Frank Underwood is transported to the Seven Kingdoms, where he eliminates characters as mercilessly as George R. R. Martin himself—though he avoids killing fan favorites like Tyrion Lannister, settling instead for a merciless teasing.

Hindered by a script that is only mildly funny, the spot is held aloft by an exceptional Kevin Spacey impersonator and a spot-on concept: crossing two of today's hottest properties for maximum viral effect. They even give a few spoiler-ish nods to the fans who've read all the way up through A Dance of Dragons.

Windowseat in Los Angeles created the video, which is part of Quiznos' new content strategy for its recently launched Toasty.tv site—an interesting ploy, considering that Quiznos has just filed for bankruptcy and people are questioning whether this kind of buzz will actually sell sandwiches.

Given the target market, this kind of advertising is great for the brand. But before they invest in entertainment, they should probably focus on making subs that aren't substandard.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.