This Radio Station Made Fun, Clever Use of Album Covers in Ad for Its Morning Show

Willy and friends try lip-syncing

Vancouver radio station Rock 101 has a TV spot for its "Willy in the Morning" oldies show, and it's actually good. No, really.

Titled "Covers," it shows people lip-syncing '80s and '90s pop songs (yes, we're all getting old) and posing with each song's album cover as a clever aesthetic hook. The guy mouthing "Sussudio" is a little too into it, especially considering how cornball Phil Collins got from there, but overall this is a smart pitch for a distinctly nonvisual medium. I'll even forgive them for ending with Loverboy.

After watching the ad, I looked up some clips of Willy's show and, real talk, I'm kinda jealous. Morning radio is a comedy graveyard here in the U.S., so the fact that Willy has something approaching a normal human personality is blowing my mind.

The ad was made by Vancouver agency Spring, and features Willy and his Rock 101 friends.

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