Samantha Bee Just Made the Most Comically Violent Star Wars Ad of the Season

Wreaking Jedi havoc at the cantina

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

Hold on, Samantha Bee is a Jedi?

Fans of The Daily Show already know Bee, of Jon Stewart's dear departed Best F#@king News Team, as an intellectual badass. But now she's laying waste to an entire bar full of space aliens in a parody of the Star Wars cantina scene. 

In truth, it's less menace than pratfall, in service of her new TV project, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, premiering in February on TBS. Her attempt at shameless self-promotion in a creature-filled nightclub—yes, that's James Earl Jones, Lord Vader himself, doing the voiceover—goes horribly wrong when she ends up slicing, dicing, vaporizing and otherwise murdering the grog-swilling monsters with her unpredictable lightsaber. 

But she's real sorry about the carnage, especially since there's no one left standing to hear her pitch her "smart, edgy satire about world events." But as for her loyalists, message received, Sam.

In another recent promo, Bee gave us a peek at her "10-pound lady balls" via the strategic use of computer-generated effects and pixellation, playing up her near-singular role as a woman hosting a late-night talk show. Maybe she's the Chosen One after all.

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