Samsung’s 3-D televisions hold city hostage

Samsung's 3-D LED TVs take over a city in this U.K. spot from CHI &  Partners. Large flat-screens are strategically stacked and positioned all over town. At one point, a Godzilla-sized kitty on a roof stares hungrily at a street-level goldfish bowl. Later, a whale frolicks in an urban park pond. (The cat's long gone, not quite so bold with seafood that size.) For the grand finale, using a great many screens, a vast waterfall seems to open up mid-thoroughfare, with people and traffic teetering on the edge. Like there aren't enough potholes downtown already! In a sociologically significant moment (I guess), some folks use their phone-cams to video-capture various scenes on the monitors. Or else they're watching Lost. There's a "making-of" clip, for those with an overpowering need to waste seven more minutes of their lives after watching the 60-second spot.

—Posted by David Gianatasio