Sarah Silverman develops taste for unicorn

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

The Serenading Unicorn is a two-timing bastard! Or is he? Sarah Silverman has been known to overreact in the past, and that suggestive text on her furry boyfriend's phone could've been from an ardent Juicy Fruit fan and not his chick on the side. Well, it's possible. Wrigley continues to get mileage out of its Serenading Unicorn character with this just-released music video that follows the ups and downs of being in love with a mythological creature (no, not Silverman). As with the other short films in the series, from EVB in San Francisco, the connection to chewing gum is in name only. (There's not even any product placement.) This video's called "Sweet Desire," dovetailing with the product's "Gotta have sweet? Gotta have Juicy Fruit" tagline. And yet, it's another solid piece of confection marketing likely to have strong pass-along value. Try not to be moved by the piano solo to Aerosmith's "Angel," Unicorn's homemade mix tape and Silverman's admission that she has horse-like features but she's actually a person with real human feelings. Go ahead, try.

@TLStanleyLA T.L. Stanley is a senior editor at Adweek, where she specializes in consumer trends, cannabis marketing, meat alternatives, pop culture, challenger brands and creativity.